ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Customized ERP Solutions

We strongly feel that Customized ERP Solutions is perfectly suited to help all participating agencies improve their business processes, illustrate fiscal prudence, and minimize the risk that is inherent in projects of this size and scope. The attached information will detail our Customized ERP Solutions, and the software and services Entertech Solutions can provide.

Entertech Solutions’ sole focus on the public sector places us in an ideal position to assist counties, cities, and other governmental customers in becoming more accessible, responsive, and efficient. We have proven our effectiveness in the industry with a record of successful projects that distinguishes our solutions. Customized ERP Solutions is a state-of-the-art comprehensive Financial Management ERP solution that has been successfully implemented.

ERP is the single most important application focus because it gives clients a 360-degree view of his/her organization. Imagine a world where technology is powerfully dynamic; where information technology is maintained by a single, dedicated source that keeps complex systems running smoothly. Our partnerships with our “neighbors” (cities, counties, and other government entities) enable them to become more efficient, accessible, and responsive.

Customized ERP Solutions will allow your organization to facilitate better decision-making and provide increased productivity for employees while simultaneously managing the activities of a growing community.

Offered Sub Modules of ERP

  • HRMS – Human Resource Management
  • Staff / Labor Attendance Module
  • Staff / Labor Payroll Processing Suite
  • Accounts and Financial Management Module
  • Orders Management Module
  • Procurement Module
  • Inventory Management Module
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Sales Tax Module
  • Import and Costing Module
  • Production, Planning and Goods Costing
  • CRM – Customers Relationship Management
  • Document Management
  • Assets Management
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Users Online Communication Module ( Application Inbox / Outbox )
  • Users Management and Audit Trail Log
  • Management Of Official and Non-Official Books of Accounts
  • MIS – Management Information System
  • Multi-Branch / Location Functionality
  • Offline Data Import and Export Utility